Preserving Life’s Precious Moments Through Stunning Photography

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Experience the world through the lens of Dave Blazer, captivating, vibrant energy and beauty

Capturing Moments Through My Lens

Dave Blazer is a seasoned photographer, who transitioned from film to digital with a Sony A7Riii setup. His diverse portfolio includes landscapes, portraits, events, and more, capturing everything from mountain vistas to urban sprawl. Dave offers both indoor and outdoor shoots, tailored to each client’s needs. With sessions typically lasting 1-2 hours for portraits and varying for events, Dave prioritizes a relaxed atmosphere to deliver exceptional results.


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Capturing Unforgettable Wedding Moments

Expert wedding photography capturing precious moments for a lifetime.

Capturing Timeless Portraits with Artistry

Capture your unique essence with our portrait photography services.

Capturing the Natural Beauty: Landscape Photography

Capture the beauty of San Francisco’s landscapes with our photography services.